Students and Young Adults

We partner with academic institutions and communities like ourGen, providing consciousness-raising initiatives to help young adults realize their potential as they navigate life in and out of the workplace. Every client has unique challenges and needs, so we believe in creating custom solutions to meet your specific goals and objectives. Check out some of our most requested solutions.



Learning to observe and direct one's consciousness is not intuitive and has become increasingly difficult in a 24/7 connected world. In this workshop, we educate participants on the fundamentals of consciousness, the self-aware mind, and how to find more peace while navigating life.  


Communication Styles

We all have a unique blend of personality traits and learning styles that, when understood, will strengthen communication. After taking an assessment and receiving a personalized report, participants will learn their strengths and better connect with others as they enter the workplace.

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Life Balance

Life can feel overwhelming, and when we put too much energy into one area, we can suffer in others, creating imbalances. In this workshop, we educate participants on achieving balance through a holistic approach to the goal-setting process that covers seven essential dimensions of life.

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Manifest Your Future

Transitioning from university to independence as an adult is no easy task. During this course, participants learn how to manifest the job and life they want to create. Define a vision for success, replace limiting beliefs with self-affirmations, and visualize achieving the end state.

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Know Your True Self

PTNL’s most comprehensive course to help students experience more peace and joy in a chaotic and unpredictable world. This eight-part workshop covers The Formula to Know Your True Self, including self-awareness, virtue, acceptance, willpower, unconditional love, gratitude, and bliss.

Leave the Feed

Leave the Feed workshops inspire people off social media and reconnect with themselves, other humans, and the true nature of reality. We provide knowledge, tools, and resources to help people of all ages break free from the addiction that has gripped hundreds of millions

of people worldwide.