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Become a private client.

We love helping people find more peace and joy in this chaotic and unpredictable world. Our integrated approach to personal development lives at the intersections of science, spirituality, philosophy, and psychology. Are you ready to go on a journey or just looking for short-term help?


True Self Journey

Are you ready for a personal transformation? We develop personalized True Self Workshops for private clients that want to live with more peace, joy, and love in their lives. Our approach to personal development is inspiring, reflective, and enlightening. Please reach out to connect and learn more. 

True Self Sessions

Are you looking for help with a specific short-term life challenge? Do you need an advocate by your side from time to time? We offer True Self Sessions with select private clients, providing knowledge, support, and personal exercises to help navigate life. Contact us to set up an intro meeting to see if we can help.


Your Guide

Do you know your true self? Are you ready to raise your level of consciousness? I’m James Petrossi, founder of PNTL, creator of Know Your True Self, and the guide of all private sessions. Please reach out so I can learn more about you, maybe I can help.