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We go to school for twelve years or more, but we’re rarely taught how to be human. That's something each of us learns haphazardly through individual life experiences. We have instruction manuals for everything from furniture sets to computer software but we are never formally educated how to use our minds.

Back in 1999, the World Health Origination’s Department of Mental Health identified five basic areas of life skills that are relevant across cultures:

  • Decision-making and problem-solving

  • Creative thinking and critical thinking

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Self-awareness and empathy

  • Coping with emotions and stress

Now, after more than 20 years what progress have we made? Very little. The traditional pillars of Science, Mathematics, English and Social Sciences rule our education despite the knowledge that the future lies in humans better understanding ourselves, others, and how to navigate life. 

Yes, there is more information at our finger tips than ever before, we have become more health conscious and mindfulness movement has gone mainstream but key indicators point to the fact that we are off track and on the brink of facing more life changing realities.


In the U.S. we spend almost $100 billion on health and wellness, but our physical and mental illness rates are rising. We’ve become obsessed with quick fixes and life hacks, resulting in 80 percent of the world’s prescription drugs being sold within our borders.


We enjoy the benefits of living in a 24/7-connected world, but a majority of us are blind to the fact that being online too much increases stress, shortens our attention span, impedes our ability to make decisions, leading to unconscious destructive and addictive behaviors.


Most experts agree that Artificial Intelligence will create the most devastating job loss in the history of humanity with of 50 percent of jobs being replaced by computers, robots, drones, and self-driving vehicles. When humans can no longer compete with technical skills, social skills will set them apart.

Teaching Humans to be Human™ is the common-sense solution for the next evolution of training and development. We must move past antiquated education systems and usher in a new era where human life skills are the cornerstone of what we learn so we can prosper in harmony with each other.

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