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Know Your True Self Podcast Update

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

It’s International Podcast Day, so I just wanted to thank everyone who has listened to the Know Your True Self Podcast. It has been an enriching project to develop, work on, and share. We genuinely appreciate your support as we help raise the consciousness of humanity through insightful discussions, relatable stories, and helpful tips on finding more peace and joy in a chaotic and unpredictable world.

There is so much content available today, and much of it is destructive to the collective consciousness of humanity and ourselves. When we created the Know Your True Self podcast, we set out to bring a positive message to the world that could help those lost in darkness find the light and those in the light to shine even brighter.

So far, we have published 12 episodes, with active listeners in 16 counties and about 500 downloads which is a rewarding milestone. We have a wide-ranging audience of listeners ages 23 to 60+ with the core of our demographic in the 35-44 age range. Also, more than 75% of our audience is female, which I attribute to my cherished co-cost, Samantha Petrossi.

Also know, we’re just getting started on this journey. We have made an initial goal to reach 100 episodes and don’t intend to stop there, as there is no shortage of conversations about the true self. We have had some early requests from listeners about being guests on the show, and yes, in the future, we do have plans to invite guests, but most likely not until we near the spring of 2022.

Always remember that knowing the true self is not a journey with a start and endpoint, and there are no shortcuts. It’s a lifetime commitment that requires a moment-to-moment practice because life will always present us with new challenges to learn and grow from; only then can we take an active role in our own evolution.

Thanks again, and if you have a proposed question or topic for discussion that you would like Samantha and me to consider, please feel free to email me at

Listen to new episodes here:

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