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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Goal setting is one of the most proven yet underutilized tools for helping to create balance in one's life. Although a common trait of top performers, it's been estimated that only about 3% of the population takes the time to write down their goals. When we don't adequately define our goals, it can feel like life lacks purpose and direction. With goals, humans thrive and can support each other in their achievement of them.

What are the guidelines for goal setting?

1. The goals you choose to establish must be your own.

2. Set realistic goals based on your unique talents.

3. Write down your goals to create a daily reminder of your intentions.

4. Make sure that your goals are both specific and measurable

5. Identify any additional knowledge you might need to attain your goals.

6. Identify individuals who would be willing to support you on your journey.

7. Identify any potential roadblocks you may experience moving forward.

8. Establish short and long-term goals with specific time frames and success measurements.

9. Visualize the attainment of your goal upon waking and before sleep.

10. Manage your time with a daily to-do list and act on your plan.

How does goal setting bring balance to one's life?

When you assess the core elements of life, it's easier to identify deficient areas and create simple, actionable plans for goal achievement. Identify where you would rate yourself today in each goal category with 0 = Deficient on life and 100 = Abundant in life to determine what aspects of your life require more focus and attention.

How are goals put into an action plan?

When you take the time to create a to-do list for your goals, actionable steps are put into place to help you on the path to achieving them. For instance, if your goal is to spend less screen time on your phone, here is an example of a daily list of activities to help achieve it.

· Keep my phone off until after breakfast.

· Turn off my phone when I am eating with others.

· Ask those I'm with to turn off their phones during meals.

· Meditate when I get an urge to check my social feeds.

· Leave my phone at home when outside enjoying nature.

· Set my phone on airplane mode before I go to bed.

Goals setting requires commitment and dedication, so it's best to review them regularly. For some goals, a daily reminder may be necessary to stay on track, while others may only warrant weekly or monthly reviews because they are longer-term in nature.

What goals do you have set to help create balance in your life?

Download the supporting document below.

PTNL Goal Setting
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