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We seek to make more conscious decisions, be more conscious of our actions, and raise our level of consciousness all without receiving any formal education on exactly what human consciousness is.

In this perspective on human consciousness, I ask you not to accept anything that has been written, but also not to reject anything. Just keep an open mind, because although the sciences cannot determine what consciousness is, we can better understand the nature of it through an exploration into the cosmos, nature, and humanity.


To understand the nature or human consciousness we must first acknowledge the existence of a universal intelligence. From what we know the universe began 13.8 billion years ago when light, in the form of pure energy exploded in space. This massive amount of energy eventually cooled forming galaxies, stars and planets. These parts of the universe visible to us are made of atoms, while the empty spaces are woven together through dark matter, which hold the universe together, and dark energy which makes the universe expand.

Everything in the universe is connected through a closed system of energy. This means the amount of energy contained in it always remains the same, although how the energy is distributed throughout constantly fluctuates. This is also known as the Law of Conservation of Energy, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.


Light is a fundamental component of universal intelligence and the nature of its existence is quite puzzling. Einstein said, “For the rest of my life I want to reflect on what light is.” Yes there is space, time and matter, but light was at the source of creation. We must make the distinction that while visible light reflects to create a world around us, the invisible nature of light connects and run through all things.

Only light could account for the instantaneous shifts in energy that take place every moment and everywhere throughout the universe. This is because at the speed of light there is no before, and no after, meaning light only exists in the present moment. Light can achieve this because it has no mass, which is also similar to the nature of consciousness.


Life on earth began about 4 billion years ago. What started as single cells have evolved into complex multicellular organisms that co-exist in a delicate balance of fluctuating energy, or circle of life. While all living things are connected to the Light of Universal Intelligence, not all experience the nature of reality in the same way. Different life forms have antennas, specialize receptors which allow them to examine the outer world through senses, but their inner world remains a mystery.

Since the dawn of evolutionary history it’s as if the inner world of nature has been running on autopilot as The Light Universal of Intelligence works through its creations. Everything has a purpose in this master plan to maintain the balance of a connected ecosystem. Take lions, for example; females hunt while males will help to hunt but spend the majority of their time protecting their pride. Male lions do not question this role, because they are unconsciously directed by The Light of Universal Intelligence.


Human evolution began when we split from the chimp, but when exactly that happened remains difficult to pinpoint because our evolution is nonlinear. What we do know is that as the brains of mammals grew, new capacities emerged that were not present before. In early humans, the mammalian brain allowed for processing of emotions and development of social bonds. Then, over time the cerebral cortex, or our thinking brain, formed in humans which was an even more advanced antenna used for creativity, decision-making and problem solving.

The biggest game-changer for humans in the evolution of our own consciousness was the development of language. Before language, all that we knew was what was in front of us. Our senses were our reality and that kept us in the moment. With language, we knew of other moments, past and future, creating the ability for us to think about ourselves and the world around us. When the Light of Universal Intelligence gave humans the gift of self-awareness, we evolved from being unconsciously directed by its energy, to self-aware, with the ability to consciously observe, learn and take an active role in its creation through free will and choice.


Although the Light of Universal Intelligence has given us the gift of self-awareness, it is still a learned skill. It does not develop in humans until before the age of two, meaning prior to that we are completely unconsciously directed through a pure connection to the source of creation while we use our specialized antennas, or senses to observe and try to make sense of the world around us.

Self-awareness grows as we age, but traditional education puts little emphasis on helping humans understand the underlying tensions that exist in their minds. The same primitive instincts that kept humans alive since the dawn of our evolution are now the root causes of diseases, illnesses and addictions. We want to lose weight, but deep-rooted primitive instincts that relied on fats and sugars to keep us alive during times of nomadic famine have us still reaching for sodas and fries.


While humans are self-aware, the contents of our minds differ because we all have unique life experiences. As a result, our unconscious mind is in a constant state of judging, complaining, liking and disliking based on what it knows to be true. If you grow up rooting for one sports team you may be told to hate another, but if you were to consciously observe this statement, why should hate exist at all.

Making wise choices has become increasingly difficult because with our fixation on the outer world, we have created an onslaught of things that block our self-awareness, or inner light. The news, media and advertising wreak havoc on our unconscious mind, griping us with fear, worry and the feeling that our life is in some way deficient. Fortunately we have the ability to tune out these channels, tune into our true selves and direct our consciousness to acts of service that help humanity.


While we cannot measure, or see the Light of Universal Intelligence, we can feel its effect on the world and each other, when humans choose to act through it. There are underlying patters and behaviors that lead to peace and contentment in life such as expressing gratitude, connecting with nature and helping others, because when we embrace the moment we are in, our light shines bright.

For humanity to move forward in harmony, we must flip the script on traditional education and take an active role in teaching humans about themselves, our evolution and how the mind functions. We must also embrace the Light of Universal Intelligence because the past and future are only constructs of our mind. The true human self—consciousness—exists only in the present moment. In that reality, The Light of Universal Intelligence and human consciousness are the same.

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