We partner with purpose-driven organizations and leaders to unleash their potential through consciousness-raising initiatives to improve workplace well-being and performance. Every client has unique challenges and needs, so we believe in creating custom solutions to meet your specific goals and objectives. Check out some of our most requested solutions.

Organizations and Entrepreneurs

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Organizational Purpose

Does your company have a clear vision, mission, and values? Are they inspiring, still accurate, or in need of a refresh? We offer strategy workshops for start-ups and time-tested organizations to help define these guiding beacons essential to creating purpose and meaning in the workplace. 

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Workforce Assessments

Keeping an open line of communication to learn from employees helps organizations adapt to evolving needs and address them before it's too late. We help leaders keep their fingers on the pulse of the workforce through cultural and well-being assessments that inform change for the better.


Culture Initiatives

Are you looking to transform workplace culture? We partner with leadership teams to develop cultural insights, strategies, and initiatives that activate your companies vision, mission, and values. Learn from your employees, establish a success roadmap, and build a culture that unites the workforce.

Conscious Leadership

The new generation of employees requires an evolved style of leadership. We provide training and development workshops that create conscious leaders through education into self-awareness, inclusivity, gratitude, and humility, among other topics, to build high-performing teams.


Employee Personas

Interpersonal communications are essential for building trust, enhancing collaboration, and realizing workplace potential. We help connect the employees and partners by creating in-depth personas that include relevant personal information, a personality type, and learning style assessments.


Keynote Speaking

Are you looking to make a big impact at your company's next meeting? We have decades of experience speaking in front of audiences of all sizes across diverse business categories. We develop speeches aligned with your meeting theme, so rest assured the content will resonate with your audience.


Know Your True Self

PTNL's most comprehensive course to help professionals experience more peace and joy in a chaotic and unpredictable world. This eight-part workshop covers The Formula to Know Your True Self, including self-awareness, virtue, acceptance, willpower, unconditional love, gratitude, and bliss.