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Let's transform the workplace.

PTNL provides holistic training, coaching, and development initiatives to transform how we live and work. Every client has unique challenges and needs, so we believe in creating custom solutions to meet your specific goals and objectives. Check out some of our most requested services.


Organizational Purpose

Does your company have a clear vision, mission, and values? Are they inspiring, still accurate, or in need of a refresh? We offer strategy workshops for start-ups and time-tested organizations to help define these guiding beacons essential to creating purpose and meaning in the workplace. 

Workforce Assessments

Keeping an open line of communication to learn from employees helps organizations adapt to evolving needs and address them before it's too late. We help leaders keep their fingers on the pulse of the workforce through cultural and well-being assessments that inform change for the better.


Culture Initiatives

Are you looking to transform workplace culture? We partner with leadership teams to develop cultural insights, strategies, and initiatives that activate your companies vision, mission, and values. Learn from your employees, establish a success roadmap, and build a culture that unites the workforce.

Conscious Leadership

The new generation of employees requires an evolved style of leadership. We provide training and development workshops that create conscious leaders through education into self-awareness, inclusivity, gratitude, and humility, among other topics, to build high-performing teams.

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Employee Personas

Interpersonal communications are essential for building trust, enhancing collaboration, and realizing workplace potential. We help connect the employees and partners by creating in-depth personas that include relevant personal information, a personality type, and learning style assessments.

Navigating Conflict

Misunderstandings are part of life and business, and we need to work through them to realize our potential as a team. We train teams to navigate conflict and facilitate workshops that create team unity in times of division.


Navigating Change

We are in a constant state of evolution, which inherently causes change to happen, often frequently and unexpectedly. We help organizations navigate internal realignments, workforce communications, and other moments that require attention. Learn to embrace change or suffer the consequences.

Keynote Speaking

Are you looking to make a big impact at your company's next meeting? We have decades of experience speaking in front of audiences of all sizes across diverse business categories. We develop speeches aligned with your meeting theme, so rest assured the content will resonate with your audience.


Corporate Events

Want to create an epic internal event? We concept, design, and produce corporate events that make an impact. Through our partnership with Sageworx, we can deliver an unforgettable experience for your employees. Inspire, motivate, and unleash organizational potential.

Know Your True Self

PTNL's most comprehensive course to help professionals experience more peace and joy in a chaotic and unpredictable world. This eight-part workshop covers The Formula to Know Your True Self, including self-awareness, virtue, acceptance, willpower, unconditional love, gratitude, and bliss.



"During a time of organizational evolution, James helped unite our team of therapists, engineers, marketers, HR, and finance through an interactive keynote at our in-person employee summit. The goal was to instill purpose and meaning on an individual and collective level, and create connectivity to the mission of the company. Petro took the time to understand our organization, prepare a custom presentation and exercise that would get people into a new headspace while finding their inner excitement for the company." 

Michelle Wagner / CEO Mindstrong

“More than just a great speaker with a commanding presence, James is a facilitator who turns his audience into active participants. He was instrumental in helping to unite our leadership team in the face of monumental organizational change.”

 Ryan Smith / Senior Vice President of Production / SME

"James is a master of public speaking. While others simply present, Petro finds a unique way to connect his work and ideas with each individual in the room."

Adam Purdy / Strategy Director / Gale Partners

"I have been attending meetings and conferences for 20+ years and have seen many speakers. As someone who also frequently presents to various audiences, I tend to evaluate speakers through a more critical lens than most attendees. Being able to connect with everyone in the audience is an art form. James has the ability to tell a story that resonates with the entire audience. His command of the presentation material, combined with his cadence, pacing, earnestness, and unique sense of humor, is superb".

 - Michael Gilliland / Managing Director / Atypical Marketing Partners

"When James spoke to my class at Fairfield University it inspired me to think beyond the norm. Schools give you the ‘by-the-book’ examples and most of them are mundane. What did excite me was when James walked into my class on that one random Thursday with his presentation. It all excited me. His enthusiasm, his passion, his energy – all of it."

Jessica Penna / Manager / Wasserman

"James is an outstanding presenter and can command a room of senior executives or entry-level employees in a relatable honest way. He thrives when he has the stage but ensures that everyone in the audience becomes an active participant in the content."

Bill Decker EVP / 160over90

“If your goal is to corporate leadership or to accelerate your organizations to a higher purpose, James Petrossi is a master of highly effective corporate philosophy and human psychology. Dynamic, intuitive, and entertaining he presents material in a way that beautifully and effectively breaks down complex concepts into practical solutions and actionable pathways that unite the collective culture.”

 -Patrick Conreaux / Founder / Sageworx

"I had the privilege of hosting James Petrossi at my Digital Marketing class at Fairfield University, where I am a professor. His ability to engage the students in unique topics was outstanding. For example, when he related the ideas of personality types and goal setting it really made them think in different ways about themselves. The follow-up questions from the students showed they had appreciated the discussion and, in fact, had altered their thinking on the topics."

Peter Tarrant / Professor / Fairfield University

"I’ve known Jim professionally for over a decade, and I can say with complete confidence, he is one of the most engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking business leaders I’ve seen “in the room.”

Michael Rovner / VP, Group Creative Director

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