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Take a break from social media in support of mental health.

 STEP 1 

Commit to the number of days you will #leavethefeed
for mental health

 STEP 2 

Share a goodbye post and challenge your friends to #leavethefeed

 STEP 3 

Sign out, live life, and report back on your agreed-upon return date



Protecting emotional health.

Preventing teenage suicide.



I’m taking a mental health break for 7 days. I challenge ­­­­­_____________ to #leavethefeed.


My mental health matters, and so does yours. I’ll be back in 14 days and challenge _____________ to #leavethefeed with me.


In support of #mentalhealthawareness, I’m signing out of social for 21 days. I challenge _____________ to #leavethefeed too.


I challenge all of my friends to #leavethefeed with me for #mentalhealthawarenessmonth. I'll be back on June 1 to share my experience.

I'm not going to use this social media channel anymore, and this is my last post. I challenge _____________ to #leavethefeed with me.


For more information please email

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