PTNL exists to awaken the true self in all of us. To help people, teams and organizations realize their potential.  We do this by simply teaching humans to be human.

The human condition does not live in isolation. We’re part of an interconnected ecosystem of 

energy that’s best harnessed through alignment of the mind, body and spirit.  

This is where finding true potential lies. It’s attainable for anyone with

the desire to live a more productive, healthier and happier life. 


PTNL’s leadership team has been on a 25+ year journey of research, development

and experience to launch the Science of Living®.

James Petrossi

Founder. Author. Speaker.

James Petrossi founded PTNL in 2019. With a mission of helping people, teams, and organizations realize their potential, PTNL shares its unique approach of Teaching Humans to be Human™ in its Science of Living® workshops and development sessions.

The Science of Living® and its training materials are the result of a 25-year journey of research, development, and experience shared by James and his father Robert Petrossi, who began integrating life-skills education into business training in the early 1990’s

Inspired by his father’s work, James studied Organizational Communications and Psychology at Fairfield University. Upon graduating, he worked alongside Robert to develop marketing, sales, and coaching strategies for emerging growth and Fortune 500 companies.

Later, James led talent development initiatives for BFG Agency’s staff of lifestyle marketers. He ultimately became their Chief Creative Strategist, leading the development of brand and experiential campaigns for Gruppo Campari.

Then, as Senior Vice President of Creative Strategy with Endeavor’s agency division 160over90, he led the development of experiential campaigns for Marriott-Starwood, VISA, T-Mobile, Under Armour, Anheiser-Bush, AT&T, Pernod Ricard, and Coca-Cola.

Now, James lives in Austin, Texas, and he devotes his time to writing, speaking and growing PTNL.

Robert Petrossi

Integrated Human Research

With a background in entrepreneurship, teaching and sales leadership, Robert founded Sales Research Institute in 1991 and developed both the Science of Selling® (sales process methodology) and the Science of Living® (life skills development program). 

For 15 years Robert focused on the Science of Selling®, and with no advertising or promotion he personally trained more than 50,000 business professionals throughout Europe, Asia, and North America for Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies. 

Robert's wife and two sons worked alongside him at Sales Research Institute until his first bout with cancer prompted a retirement in 2006.  It was then Robert decided to focus more on his health, family and continuing his research for the Science of Living®. 

Robert embraced all he had learned, but it was his second bout with a life threatening, rare cancer, involving several surgeries and long term complications that prompted Robert to evolve the Science of Living® even further.

The application of his integrated human research was instrumental in Robert's mental well-being, the acceptance of his health issues and the emotional growth he gained through personal adversity. 


Robert looks forward to the Science of Living® helping people in all aspects of their lives. 

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