Developed from decades of research, learning, and experience Know Your True Self: The Formula to Raise Human Consciousness helps bring simplicity to life’s complexity. Inspired by renowned scientists, psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual teachers, this guide uniquely integrates, distills, and synthesizes
essential knowledge from countless sources of inspiration into a simple, proven formula designed to help humans help themselves.  Explore the preview and start the journey.


"James Petrossi’s new book, Know Your True Self, is a rare accomplishment that shares deep and meaningful ideas and recommendations in a creative and visual way. Know Your True Self explores topics such as self-awareness, virtue, willpower, and gratitude in colorful and easy-to-understand formats.  I learned a lot about a number of issues that can help me be a better leader, and more importantly, a better human being.  This is a book that should be a staple in everyone’s bookshelf." -- Ed Evarts, Author of Drive Your Career


"James Petrossi has given us a wonderful guide which contains a series of easy to digest, bite-sized lessons that culminate in a profound model for raising human consciousness." – Amir Ghannad, Author of The Transformative Leader


"It Starts With You. Know Your True Self provides a clear call to action to reflect on our true selves with a purposeful framework that is both thought-provoking and engaging. James provides an unbiased pathway into self-assessing our own level of consciousness. This book will change your understanding of life and more if you're open to it. Are you ready to know your true self?" -- Dane Wiseman, Chief Marketing Officer and NYU Adjunct


"Educational, informative, enlightening and masterful. A MUST read!" -- Peter Halpin, Actor