PTNL exists to help organizations, professionals, and students realize their potential by raising their consciousness.  We do this simply by Teaching Humans to be Human™.

The human condition does not live in isolation.  We are all part of an interconnected ecosystem of energy that’s best harnessed when we learn to identify with and act through our true selves. This is where realizing human potential lies. 

Raising one's own level of consciousness is attainable for anyone with the desire to create positive change with themselves and the world around them.




Advocate for humanity

James Petrossi is an advocate for humanity, President of PTNL, and the author of Know Your True Self: The Formula to Raise Human Consciousness.

Skilled in issues of consciousness, the mind, and creating behavioral change, his insights into the human experience have been used for the past 25+ years to develop marketing, sales, and coaching strategies for Fortune 500 and emerging growth organizations.

A master facilitator and dynamic presenter, James utilizes his experience in talent development, creative strategy, and decades of research into the human condition to offer practical solutions that help transform people’s lives.

James founded PTNL with the vision of creating a more consciously connected world. He is passionate about working with organizations to solve issues of the human psyche in the workplace by implementing a holistic, proactive approach to improving company culture.

James graduated from Fairfield University with a degree in organizational communications and psychology. He currently lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Samantha, where he devotes his time to writing, speaking, and helping to raise the consciousness of others.